A bit of fan art for my favorite kind of alien – the XENOMORPH

Big hefty Photoshop painting – I wanted to push myself while still having a lot of fun with the subject matter. Yes, messy and gory! Other than a really rough pencil thumbnail in my sketchbook, of which I snapped a photo of on my phone and blew it up in Photoshop, this was entirely digitally painted. All those knobbly bone protrusions, so shiny and reflective… That took a while.

I’m quite proud of this!

Huge thanks to one of my artistic inspirations, the late H.R. Giger, and copyright belongs with Fox/Fox Interactive.


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Machine Mind

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One hell of a “self-portrait.” A glimpse into a possible ‘future’ self, from an idea, or an obsession that’s been on my mind a lot… Just how far would I go on the path of upgrading this fleshy body of mine, if cybernetics & the like became available? Honestly I doubt I’d stop – I’d just sail right over that edge and into the realm of what some would deem to be a ‘sci-fi nightmare’.

But some would say it’s a release from the organic prison. Either way it’s a big debate in the technological singularity circles.

You can see a detail (full working resolution) of the lovely visage here and like above, click through to see 1:1 pixel resolution:

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Ridiculous Brofist #3

Originally uploaded by Red Chunks

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Finally got around to adding another installment of these… I’ve had this idea since August 2009 – obviously I’ve been distracted by work and other projects!

All sketched into photoshop. These things are taking way too long to finish. Going to simplify the layouts to almost straight-up “storyboard” form to see if it speeds things up.

Attempt at Chaos Lordification

I attempted to do a funny (well to me) self portrait of myself busting out the Chaos Lord wargear… And lost steam. Some form of art is better than no art.

I’m attempting to put to practice the wise advice of “draw SOMETHING. Even if it’s crap, you’ve done something. And it’s far less scary than a blank white page and nothing to show for it.” Paraphrased.

Great Old Ones – X’chll’at-aa

This sketch took quite a while to do, and I also did a couple other sketches in between so I wasn’t going to stress-out on trying to get this finished… Originally I was going to go for all sorts of effects like shiny-slimy skin & highlights, but I think that would’ve just muddied up the whole image overall. I rather like it like this….

Anyways, X’chll’at-aa, “Lord of the Great Old Ones, The Unborn God, Enemy of All That Live.”

X-rays of fetuses are already inherently evil-looking, so it wasn’t much of a stretch for me!

Cthulhu Statue

Cthulhu Statue

Originally uploaded by Red Chunks

Just a stab at drawing the crude little statue would look like… The actual thing would be far more horrifying, and beyond my ken to put to page… But I’ll try one day! After all, it WOULD be so cool to make an image that actually drove people insane to look on it longer than a hasty glance… Squeeze your eyes shut at the very instant, like when you were watching a scary movie as a child, there’d be a frame of that nightmare burned into your retina before blissful ignorance shuttered the view.

Yeah, I have way way way too much fun doing these, and yes, it is one of my goals to give Cthulhu his due in a terrible image.