Derp Squig

Derp Squig

Originally uploaded by Red Chunks

Obviously a silly, stupid sketch. Was previously a warm-up to shake me out of my dry spell, but alas, I should obey biologic law and get sleep, otherwise my work performance will deteriorate.


Ridiculous Brofist #3

Originally uploaded by Red Chunks

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Finally got around to adding another installment of these… I’ve had this idea since August 2009 – obviously I’ve been distracted by work and other projects!

All sketched into photoshop. These things are taking way too long to finish. Going to simplify the layouts to almost straight-up “storyboard” form to see if it speeds things up.

Ridiculous Brofist 02

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Ridiculous Brofist 02, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

At long last, page two of the extremely retarded series. This time a twin JATO-assisted B-52 slingshot manuever. Supersonic, and super-stupid.

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These comics are labours of love.

Ridiculous Brofist teaser

Ridiculous Brofist teaser, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

Not dead! Honest! But here’s a teaser of a mini-comic series that’s been fermenting in my head for a long time – I’ll be hashing them in my sketch book and then drawing them in more ‘finished’ form for online perusal & casual enjoyment.

ETA: SOON – as in, it’s what I’m working on at the moment.

EDIT: Crap, serves me right for not double-checking myself; SPELLING FAIL in the image.