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Michael Moore: Animator and Art Director

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A bit about myself and the work I’ve done…

I’ve been a game developer for over 10 years, working mainly as a character animator, including experiences as an animation lead and as an art director. With a strong understanding of technical systems and an energetic drive for team collaboration, I’m immensely proud of all the successful games I’ve had the opportunity to work on. Building believable new worlds and telling stories within those realities has been a lifelong passion of mine, and games & film continue to be my strongest mediums to do so.

What follows is a visual catalogue of the most recent games I’ve worked on, and various examples of my work & direction, showing my communication style and a taste of some of the worlds I helped to bring to life.

Click on the images to view at full resolution.

Eidos Montreal 2013-2016

••••Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Group Lead Animator

Worked on a AAA title as a Group Lead Animator for the Social department, which focuses on the conversations, debates, occupations and other ‘living world’ aspects of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. My work focuses on giving direction to a team of animators, working with narrative writers, level designers & scripters, as well as planning production & direction of Motion Capture sessions for the social parts of the game world. This includes working with the in-house tools and editor to integrate and improve on animation playback & blending, as well as defining the acting and posing for different unique characters that the player will confront.

Examples of my work can be seen in the 25-minute E3 Gameplay trailer below, at 01:08-05:21, and at 18:21-21:01.

Relic Entertainment 2003-2013

••••Project “Morningstar” (Cancelled): Art Director

My second project as an Art Director, “Morningstar” was to be a full sequel, but the publisher chose to cancel it before pre-production was finished. During the project I was building a vision of how the game could look, what would the visual language be, and get a lock-down on style and presentation of “Morningstar.” It was a great, exciting project to be on, working with talented artists, animators and programmers in building an inspiring visual goal for the game.

Project Morningstar Art Director

Project Morningstar Art Director


••••Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2: Retribution: Art Director

My first project as an Art Director, DOW2: Retribution was an expansion to the Dawn of War 2 franchise, of which I’ve worked on since the very beginning. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to breathe my own imagination into the next chapter – and the team trusted me to destroy worlds with style. I managed the artists and animators while giving feedback to the outsourcing teams, and directed the new intro cinematic with the Winking studio. The timeline was short and the teams were small, but we pulled it off and made Retribution a thrilling final chapter to the DOW2 series.
DOW2 Retribution Art Director
DOW2 Retribution Art Director
DOW2 Retribution Art Director

DOW2 Retribution Art Director


••••Company of Heroes 2: Technical Animator

In between projects, I joined the Company of Heroes 2 animation team and tackled the vehicle pipeline & tools. There was a major overhaul of the original vehicles as well as rigging & animating the new vehicles in the hotly-anticipated sequel to the highest-rated RTS of all time. Along with making these engines of war come to violent life, I documented the changes in the team wikipedia pages with supporting images like the ones below. These proved to be invaluable when outsourcing needed to use the same tools for other units in the game, and ensured that the knowledge would go forward with subsequent DLC and expansions. It was a very busy tour for me, and I am very proud of the team I worked with.
Company of Heroes 2: Technical Animator


A fantastic trailer for Company of Heroes 2 highlighting the tanks & vehicles of the game.



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