Comic – Fire fly

It’s been a dreadfully long time since I’ve last updated; the short form of why is “Work work work work work.”Fire Fly

So right to it – I had this little idea pop into my head a short while ago, and I (eventually) sketched up a comic about it. I hope that from now on you’ll hear a little scream of exertion whenever you see a fire fly light up in the night.



Ridiculous Brofist #3

Originally uploaded by Red Chunks

(Click on the image to view it larger at Flickr!)

Finally got around to adding another installment of these… I’ve had this idea since August 2009 – obviously I’ve been distracted by work and other projects!

All sketched into photoshop. These things are taking way too long to finish. Going to simplify the layouts to almost straight-up “storyboard” form to see if it speeds things up.

New look to the blog!

As you can tell, there’s a new look to the sketchblog here, and I’m taking advantage of a new feature of it that will draw a series of slideshow images from recent posts to run at the top there. Hopefully this works without a hitch!

Edit: well it looks like the slideshow only pulls one image at a time, regardless of how many images there are in a post. Sadness.   Upswing is I don’t have to keep every post (so create, upload the image, delete after it shows up in the slideshow.  cuts down on the spam!)

Edit No.2:  Christ on a crutch, I can’t complain too much as this is all entirely free, but a little documentation would’ve been useful!

Much-much-later Edit No. 3: I’ve reverted back to the original theme; the slideshow was nifty, but was causing a lot of visitors to click on the image and get just the slideshow image; there wasn’t a way to link back to the original image or whatnot. So bang, out it goes.

MA character concept

MA character concept

Originally uploaded by Red Chunks

Finally getting back into my graphic-novel/webcomic idea, as well as a test drive of my new prismacolor markers. Drawn on a bus, hence the messiness.

Basically updating these two’s character designs, I will be continuing to explore quite a bit…

Talking with a long time friend of mine, I may ditch the hat on Demento and go for something along the lines of the hairdo on the bottom corner.

Ridiculous Brofist 02

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Ridiculous Brofist 02, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

At long last, page two of the extremely retarded series. This time a twin JATO-assisted B-52 slingshot manuever. Supersonic, and super-stupid.

You’ll notice that all my blogs now have a rating system at the bottom, so feel free to rate as you view. In addition, I’ve added Twitter to the blog as well, so you can partake of the thrilling excitement of my work-progress on future endeavours.

These comics are labours of love.

Ridiculous Brofist teaser

Ridiculous Brofist teaser, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

Not dead! Honest! But here’s a teaser of a mini-comic series that’s been fermenting in my head for a long time – I’ll be hashing them in my sketch book and then drawing them in more ‘finished’ form for online perusal & casual enjoyment.

ETA: SOON – as in, it’s what I’m working on at the moment.

EDIT: Crap, serves me right for not double-checking myself; SPELLING FAIL in the image.