Big Update: Montreal!

Much overdue update from me, though now the dust has settled down (somewhat), I’ve got a bit of time (and motive) to break the news here.

After some great interviews and talks, I have taken on a new job as Senior Animator at Eidos Montreal! I can’t divulge the particulars of my current project, but it is very exciting, and it’ll be glorious when I can point at the end product and declare “I worked on THAT!

So for the foreseeable future, I’ve left my home-city of Vancouver, BC to live in Montreal, Quebec. It’s definitely a lovely old city, with tons of friendly people. It makes learning Francais a lot more forgiving, though I look forward to resuming lessons at the studio. That said, it was still sad to leave behind my friends and family, and it can get pretty lonely out here. Fortunately the atmosphere & my new coworkers make coming in to the office something I look forward to every morning.

View of Mont Royal

One of the views from my new apartment! Artfully composed to ignore a large concrete apartment tower across the street, of course.