Short, but Significant Update

This will be a brief post, and a quick apology for the lack of consistent updates. As of May 1st, I’ve been laid off from my job, and now am currently dusting off my resume and updating my reel. Shortly (blazing nuclear-fireball-you-call-the-sun permitting), I’ll be posting links to those here and in the top bar above.

It was a really great run at my previous job, 9 years & 8 months, and I’ll miss my friends & coworkers terribly. I’m still processing the sadness, the shock of it, but I am looking ahead to new opportunities in the field, and beyond. The hope is that I continue to work in Vancouver, but my former coworkers across the world have been waving at me as well – if the wind blows that way, I might have to pull up my roots and head out there.

There is a concert of fans buzzing away here, as my desk office is in the sun most of the day, and Vancouver has skipped ahead to Summer. If it wasn’t obvious by now, I’m not a huge fan of hot weather, heh.

Fingers crossed!