Necessary Purge

Working through some difficulties lately, and tonight I managed to get a sketch out of it. I’m allowed to indulge in some morbid melodramatic imagery once in a while…
Procreate on the iPad 3 is really nice to sketch & paint in. Getting a better hang of it!
Click for max resolution



Article: Why Creativity Blocks Happen

Stumbled across this earlier today, and it was a really good read, so I must share!

Why Creativity Blocks Happen (and How to Overcome Them) by Iris Shoor.

An excerpt:

Don’t start at the beginning

One of the most common breaking points for a project is not the finish line but rather the starting line, before the race even begins. We’ve all been there, postponing a new project day after day, week after week. When starting a new project most people approach it according to its natural order—writing the first paragraph of an assay, designing a website’s homepage. The first milestone is usually very challenging, and when faced with a big challenge we tend to give up.

When I notice that I drag my feet with a new project, I never start at the beginning. I find an anchor—a part of the project which is very standard or is technical in nature. It can be the ‘about me’ paragraph or the website footer, it can even be a line or a slide I’ve used before. From there I move on to the next part. It doesn’t have to be closely related to the first one, but again, one you can handle more easily. In a few relatively easy steps I can build a rough skeleton and from there all I have left is to connect the lines between the dots.