Third Tattoo: Explorations

Just a mini-update to my dusty sketchblog (apologies to you readers!), with a couple links to my current personal project – my next tattoo. I’ve wanted to get something of skeletal armor down the length of my spine for quite a while, but I hadn’t really sat down to nail down precisely what I mean. Or, at least enough what I mean so that my friend Nomi Chi, who is an awesome artist that has done my previous two tattoos, can take my design, put her own distinct style & spin on it, and brand it into my skin.
It’s a great collaborative process to work with Nomi – you’ll see in her portfolio that she’s got a phantasmagorical style and insane line/shading quality skills with a clunky vibrating tattoo needle machine. I basically give her the essential seed of what I want in my sketches, and just magnifies it into something far more interesting than I’ve managed to come up with. A bonus is that this process eliminates the age-old problem of most artists – after a time, we all hate our old work.

The first image is not the first time I’ve tried sketching out what I wanted, but the first real electric connection that I was on the right track. Second image is continuing down that path, exploring out variations of the idea. I’m not totally certain if I still want the “floating ribs” or not; they came out too awkward in the right-hand of the second image. Either they need to be a bit more regular & ‘growth pattern’, or omitted entirely.

First real connection Further refinement of the tattoo design

At this point I’m looking to get in touch with my friend and ask her opinion of how it’s going; she’s got a lot of experience in how two-dimensional designs transfer into the human form, as well as what her own artistic vision’s response is.

Timeline for this will likely be much later this year, in the late fall or winter. Summer is far too hot and sunny to be healing from a large tattoo “wound.”

Lastly but not least, I’m currently working on the exciting sequel, Company of Heroes 2, with the talented people of Relic Entertainment. Busy busy!