Another link: Banishing your Inner Critic

Another great read that is worth calling out – Banishing your Inner Critic, by Denise Jacobs. Once again, it’s from the viewpoint of a writer, but it’s so integral to the creative process, that it carries right over into the visual arts realm. I’ve begun to start putting these into practice and it’s helped a lot already.

It’s healthy to be critical of your own work – nothing worse than a terrible artist with delusions of grandeur – but not so picky that you squelch your own productivity on the Altar of Perfectionism.

We’re all human (or mostly human, or passing off as humans) – we cannot make the Perfect Image. So let’s have fun making Good and Great Images instead.


3 responses to “Another link: Banishing your Inner Critic

  1. Thanks for the linkback, Mike, and I am so pleased that you got something out of the article. Although the article is on a site that is focused towards the web design industry, I was really writing it for all creatives (everyone, in fact) who struggles with that inner voice that paralyzes us and keeps us from accessing the great ideas that are waiting for us.

    Stay tuned, I’m putting out another article about creativity soon!

    • Once again, thank you for giving form & voice to the means to tackling the artist’s worst enemy. At least, it’s my worst enemy! That and the needs of the human frame – sleep kind of takes away from valuable art time. 😉

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