Another link: Banishing your Inner Critic

Another great read that is worth calling out – Banishing your Inner Critic, by Denise Jacobs. Once again, it’s from the viewpoint of a writer, but it’s so integral to the creative process, that it carries right over into the visual arts realm. I’ve begun to start putting these into practice and it’s helped a lot already.

It’s healthy to be critical of your own work – nothing worse than a terrible artist with delusions of grandeur – but not so picky that you squelch your own productivity on the Altar of Perfectionism.

We’re all human (or mostly human, or passing off as humans) – we cannot make the Perfect Image. So let’s have fun making Good and Great Images instead.


25 Virtues Writers (and Artists) Should Have

Felt the need to call out special attention to a link I’ve just added to my Elsewhere page:

It’s a highly entertaining read, but it also has very pertinent advice that applies to ALL creative processes, including the visual arts & animation. The narrative style of the article is a joy to read, especially if you like wildly imaginative swearing.