Ridiculous Brofist #3

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Finally got around to adding another installment of these… I’ve had this idea since August 2009 – obviously I’ve been distracted by work and other projects!

All sketched into photoshop. These things are taking way too long to finish. Going to simplify the layouts to almost straight-up “storyboard” form to see if it speeds things up.


Great body type reference: Athletes

Sharing a post that another artist put up a short span of time ago – a photoshoot of Olympic Athletes. What’s most strikingly revealing of the photos is that there is a vast variety of body types for different people, as well as the events they compete in. The biggest take-away is being physically fit does NOT mean “washboard abs & 0% fat!”

Athletic Body Diversity Reference for Artists by Nina Matsumoto

Attempt at Chaos Lordification

I attempted to do a funny (well to me) self portrait of myself busting out the Chaos Lord wargear… And lost steam. Some form of art is better than no art.

I’m attempting to put to practice the wise advice of “draw SOMETHING. Even if it’s crap, you’ve done something. And it’s far less scary than a blank white page and nothing to show for it.” Paraphrased.