A Change of Address and ISP later…

Ah finally I have a living breathing internet at my new condo on the edge of Vancouver’s Yaletown district. Art will resume very shortly! It’s energizing being able to just glance to the side and look over the twinkling lights of a city… Being up on the 25th floor provides quite the view, that’s for sure. Another treat is now my computer and art easel station are in the same dedicated room! No more running back from one room to check screen reference and then running back. Will be posting a couple pictures soon. I would’ve been online much sooner (12 days ago) except for some truly magnificent cock-ups in my old ISP (Telus) – I gave them 3 tries, and they struck out. Now I’m on a blistering 20Mbps in-building fiber optic connection. I think it was inevitable that I switched over!




2 responses to “A Change of Address and ISP later…

  1. On the one hand, it’s good that you’re alive, on the other, I had written a touching eulogy which ended with eight squadrons of B52 bombers that would raze all of Vancouver before making another pass to salt the blasted landscape to ensure that nothing would grow again followed by construction team to erect a 1500 ft tall black marble obelisk in the centre of the Vancouver Death Zone. This titanic effigy, engraved with “Oderint dum metuant” and topped with an eternal black-light flame, would forever remind the world of Red Chunks and his terrible, awesome legacy.
    Such a shame too, that obelisk was quite expensive – thank God for credit schemes!

    • Man, that would’ve been an awesome monument. Now what’s to stop me from falsifying my death just to make that all happen?

      Alas nightmares never truly die. They just sleep, dreaming of strange aeons… Until the stars are right again, and stride the earth once more.

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