Messin’ around – art collab with John Harrington and Noah Stacey

Re-blogging this from Mr. Harrington’s blog (check it out in my links section) – the three of us took a round-robin approach to painting on this while having a few brews & shooting the shit. It was a good night.

Those of you that know me will not have any trouble figuring out what touches I put into the image.

Messin' around …was just hanging out at my place last night with some buddies, Mr. Moore and Dr. No. and of course, did some collaborating. … Read More

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A Change of Address and ISP later…

Ah finally I have a living breathing internet at my new condo on the edge of Vancouver’s Yaletown district. Art will resume very shortly! It’s energizing being able to just glance to the side and look over the twinkling lights of a city… Being up on the 25th floor provides quite the view, that’s for sure. Another treat is now my computer and art easel station are in the same dedicated room! No more running back from one room to check screen reference and then running back. Will be posting a couple pictures soon. I would’ve been online much sooner (12 days ago) except for some truly magnificent cock-ups in my old ISP (Telus) – I gave them 3 tries, and they struck out. Now I’m on a blistering 20Mbps in-building fiber optic connection. I think it was inevitable that I switched over!