Video of Collaborative Painting

This is the awesome video that resulted from last week’s Freaks ‘n’ Geeks artshow; just about every artist plus bystanders had put the brush to this canvas. Thanks to Kris Fortune and Noah Stacey for putting this together!


Moving in life = Loss of time to draw!

Hey all,  as some of you already know, I’ll be moving from my apartment to a condo in the end of May – which inevitably means that April, May and the early part of June will be consuming my thoughts and time.  Which in turn means likely a desert of new art for that period of time.  Even at one point the computer will be unplugged for a spell before I get it plugged in at the new location.

So this is like an advance apology for not updating for “so long.”

That all said though, there may be the occasional sketch-doodle that I’ll get to scribble out in a rare moment of inspiration (and peace), so keep watching this space!

Beheld – Freaks-n-Geeks Art Show

As I promised, here’s the third painting I completed with time to spare! The Freaks & Geeks art show is taking place at The Fall Tattoo & Art Gallery, with doors opening at 8:30, April 9th. All the art of everyone at the show will be up for a couple weeks at least before they make room for the next event, so even if you miss the opening night there’ll still be a chance to see it.

Beheld WIP

And the finished work in a front-loading frame. (You have to make a nice presentation of your stuff!)

Click for larger