Freaks and Geeks update

The paintings that I color-thumbnailed in the previous post are coming along well…  Sorry, no WIP pictures, as ultimately they weren’t that exciting.  When I do eventually get an iPhone I’ll likely become much more prolific about tweeting a phone-cam shot of how things are going along, as the infrastructure for such imaging is so much more streamlined.

Enough rambling about the lack of WIPs. I’ve gotten the polydactylism painting done, so the conjoined twin is the next step; the colored backgrounds were done first, so my final stage is to paint the black skeleton(s).  If all goes well this week, I hope to nip off to Opus Framing & Art Supplies on Graville Island this Saturday, grab two frames for the twin-images, and pick up another canvas.  I do have a nebulous idea for the third image, and I feel that the third canvas I have on standby is just feeling considerably too large.

So far, it looks like I’m well on track to have 3 (holy shit THREE) paintings done for the next artshow at the Fall Tattooing & Artist’s gallery (Freaks & Geeks show opens April 9th evening)

Here’s hoping that work/reality doesn’t kick down my door and prevent this from happening.


2 responses to “Freaks and Geeks update

  1. What! Post WIPs! By the way, the iPhone takes TERRIBLE photos (nearly all turn out blurry no matter how steady you hold them)… so good luck with that 😉

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Mike!

    • The older generation of iPhones were pretty ass-tastic on the pictures, I agree! But I’ve seen what people are taking with the 3GS and I’m amazed at what the difference is! Besides – WIP update shots aren’t supposed to be as good as the final thing. 😉

      I’ll post WIPs for the third painting for you, a’ight? 🙂

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