Third Freaks Painting thumbnail

As you may know from a previous upload, I’m working on a third painting for a “freaks” themed art show, and I decided to not be subtle and just go hit the viewer in the face with a brick. Freaky eyes are the goal here!  I feel much stronger about this idea/image, and that it’s within my still-shaky painting skill.  One of these days I’ll push for more epic paintings, but not on a deadline!

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Yes, I like the color red.  Now we proceed to phase two – non-photo blue pencil lines on the canvas and PAINT PAINT PAINT.  Good thing this is a short week!


Rejected Painting idea

I was planning on doing something along these lines (goat eyes, hybrid animal nose, etc) to make a subtle “freak” for an upcoming artshow. I’m rejecting it as it’s just not ‘clicking’ despite the different ways I try it…. Probably will come back to this as a purely digital painting – this sketch was for an acrylic painting.

I’m going to go see Alice in Wonderland for the visuals and hopefully I’ll get inspired in a different way. If not, I fear I may have to fall back on my more ‘conventional’ imagery style, which I dread isn’t “Freaks and Geeks” enough to go with the theme of the art show.

Freaks-n-Geeks: Two paintings done!

As you can plainly see I’ve finished the twin set of paintings I was working on for the past while.  I’m glad I’ve invested in the frames as they are definitely more striking with a proper presentation!  Done with acrylic paints (which are quite fun, as I’m getting a better nuance with the stuff)

I completely freehanded “Polydact” (the 6 fingered one, if the title wasn’t painfully obvious) and you’ll have to excuse that pun. It turned out to be about the same size of my own hand, so that helped with the porportions.  On “Cephaloth” (short for cephalothoracopagus conjoined twins) I started out the same way, but chickened out and resorted to using very few 4H pencil marks to help keep the alien symmetry working.  I’m still looking for a better alternative to pencil lines for drafting acrylics, as the stuff just smudges far too easily on the canvas.  Ultimately one could get confident enough to completely freehand an entire painting.  But I’m still a ways off from that.

Now I’m planning the third larger painting, and the idea for that one is still nascent at the moment. Thumbnails will be posted soon! (And thank you for reading & following thus far!)

Asyou ddddddddddddcan plainly see I’ve finished the twin set of paintings I was working on for the past while.  I’m glad I’ve invested in the frames as they are definitely more striking with a proper presentation!

Freaks and Geeks update

The paintings that I color-thumbnailed in the previous post are coming along well…  Sorry, no WIP pictures, as ultimately they weren’t that exciting.  When I do eventually get an iPhone I’ll likely become much more prolific about tweeting a phone-cam shot of how things are going along, as the infrastructure for such imaging is so much more streamlined.

Enough rambling about the lack of WIPs. I’ve gotten the polydactylism painting done, so the conjoined twin is the next step; the colored backgrounds were done first, so my final stage is to paint the black skeleton(s).  If all goes well this week, I hope to nip off to Opus Framing & Art Supplies on Graville Island this Saturday, grab two frames for the twin-images, and pick up another canvas.  I do have a nebulous idea for the third image, and I feel that the third canvas I have on standby is just feeling considerably too large.

So far, it looks like I’m well on track to have 3 (holy shit THREE) paintings done for the next artshow at the Fall Tattooing & Artist’s gallery (Freaks & Geeks show opens April 9th evening)

Here’s hoping that work/reality doesn’t kick down my door and prevent this from happening.

Old sketches

Found some old sketches amongst my many old art files, while I was sorting them into sensible structure on the new PC… Yeah, I’m a neat freak.

Additional Director’s commentary availible by clicking through each image! (As well as seeing them bigger)

EDIT: Fixed the image links, I hadn’t noticed a formatting change borked them. Pics work now. 03/24/2010