Rough Tattoo idea

Rough Tattoo idea

Originally uploaded by Red Chunks

basically a hodge-podge of sketches for the second tattoo I plan to get. I’ve sent this off to the tattoo artist, and given her a carte blanche to re-interpret the design into something better. Basically the same process I did for my first tattoo.

For your reference the awesome tattooist(?) is Nomi Chi!


6 responses to “Rough Tattoo idea

  1. Sam – you can find the dastardly photo-evidence in my older profile pics on FB (yes I am too lazy to save out a copy and post it here)

    Jrr – Yah, I’m leaning towards the feminine version too – the artist that’ll be doing this has a real flair for those kinds of girls.

    Allie – Yep, I’m dead set on it Allie – and this is the second one of 3 (maybe 4) tattoos that I’ve been planning on getting for quite a while! πŸ™‚

    • If they’re the type that get scared of what I have on the outside, they’re likely not going to like my kind of humour/art/ideas, or me for that matter! πŸ˜‰

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