Great Old Ones – X’chll’at-aa

This sketch took quite a while to do, and I also did a couple other sketches in between so I wasn’t going to stress-out on trying to get this finished… Originally I was going to go for all sorts of effects like shiny-slimy skin & highlights, but I think that would’ve just muddied up the whole image overall. I rather like it like this….

Anyways, X’chll’at-aa, “Lord of the Great Old Ones, The Unborn God, Enemy of All That Live.”

X-rays of fetuses are already inherently evil-looking, so it wasn’t much of a stretch for me!


2 responses to “Great Old Ones – X’chll’at-aa

    • Thanks Allie! This is definitely one of my better ones, and I was definitely going for a sort of undersea lost city-ruins vibe, so it’s cool that it came across!

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