Cthulhu Statue

Cthulhu Statue

Originally uploaded by Red Chunks

Just a stab at drawing the crude little statue would look like… The actual thing would be far more horrifying, and beyond my ken to put to page… But I’ll try one day! After all, it WOULD be so cool to make an image that actually drove people insane to look on it longer than a hasty glance… Squeeze your eyes shut at the very instant, like when you were watching a scary movie as a child, there’d be a frame of that nightmare burned into your retina before blissful ignorance shuttered the view.

Yeah, I have way way way too much fun doing these, and yes, it is one of my goals to give Cthulhu his due in a terrible image.


3 responses to “Cthulhu Statue

  1. While it would be cool to draw an image that would drive people insane, you would loose your mind before it’s completion because you would have been staring at it and picturing it in your mind for hours if not days.

    Great drawings though.

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