Great Old Ones – Quachil Uttaus

5th sketch for the 5th day – the 30-day Trianta challenge continues.

This was done at a local pub-bar, Subeez, where I met up with fellow artist friends and had a beer and got drawing/talking shit… It was a nice change of pace for me, not staring at a computer screen all night, and the linework on this was fun to do – I shall do it more often! Just used a non-photoblue pencil for the porportion-sketch, and a black Uniball ‘Vision’ fine ink pen.

This fellow is known as Quachil Uttaus, “The Treader in the Dust” – everything he touches turns to dust.. He’s described as a miniature wrinkled mummy with stiff claws, but I left out the ‘mini’ part as it’s just too goofy.


One response to “Great Old Ones – Quachil Uttaus

  1. Awesome. You can tell by his headdress that he was a huge partier back in his day. He’d get to the front of all the mummy clubs, and be at all the best mummy parties. Sadly, tragedy struck Quachi (as he is known to his friends) when a new fad diet took a turn to eating disorder and he ended up in the state he is now. Channeling the Old Gods to bring ruin to the living is the only way he can hide the shame over his last remaining rib fat.

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