Great Old Ones – Arwassa

Great Old Ones – Arwassa

Originally uploaded by Red Chunks

For the Trianta (30 days, 30 sketches), I decided to go with a Lovecraftian theme – in which I take the names and rough description of the dark and terrible Elder Gods from beyond the stars, and do ’em.

aka “The Silent Shouter on the Hill”
“A humanoid torso with tentacles instead of limbs, and a short neck ending in a toothless, featureless mouth.”

I could imagine that in some godforsaken land, stumbling around in the dark petrified forest, you’re lost, looking for civilisation… In the half-light of the corpse-moon you’d think you saw another person, walking towards you. But that animal ken that kept our ancestors alive for one more day would now be raising every hair on your neck, and start your heart hammering in your chest, before you’ve even begun to notice this new visitor just… Isn’t… Human.


5 responses to “Great Old Ones – Arwassa

  1. Sorry i forgot to mention I would also like to use your other great old ones paintings in the same video under the same conditions. If that is ok of couirse.

    • Could be, though Slenderman has a nice dapper black suit, and not a horrific gaping fleshy maw for a face. 😉 Good idea though, I should give old Slenderman a sketch or two!

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