Great Old Ones – X’chll’at-aa

This sketch took quite a while to do, and I also did a couple other sketches in between so I wasn’t going to stress-out on trying to get this finished… Originally I was going to go for all sorts of effects like shiny-slimy skin & highlights, but I think that would’ve just muddied up the whole image overall. I rather like it like this….

Anyways, X’chll’at-aa, “Lord of the Great Old Ones, The Unborn God, Enemy of All That Live.”

X-rays of fetuses are already inherently evil-looking, so it wasn’t much of a stretch for me!


Cthulhu Statue

Cthulhu Statue

Originally uploaded by Red Chunks

Just a stab at drawing the crude little statue would look like… The actual thing would be far more horrifying, and beyond my ken to put to page… But I’ll try one day! After all, it WOULD be so cool to make an image that actually drove people insane to look on it longer than a hasty glance… Squeeze your eyes shut at the very instant, like when you were watching a scary movie as a child, there’d be a frame of that nightmare burned into your retina before blissful ignorance shuttered the view.

Yeah, I have way way way too much fun doing these, and yes, it is one of my goals to give Cthulhu his due in a terrible image.

Great Old Ones – Quachil Uttaus

5th sketch for the 5th day – the 30-day Trianta challenge continues.

This was done at a local pub-bar, Subeez, where I met up with fellow artist friends and had a beer and got drawing/talking shit… It was a nice change of pace for me, not staring at a computer screen all night, and the linework on this was fun to do – I shall do it more often! Just used a non-photoblue pencil for the porportion-sketch, and a black Uniball ‘Vision’ fine ink pen.

This fellow is known as Quachil Uttaus, “The Treader in the Dust” – everything he touches turns to dust.. He’s described as a miniature wrinkled mummy with stiff claws, but I left out the ‘mini’ part as it’s just too goofy.

Great Old Ones – Mordiggian

Great Old Ones – Mordiggian

Originally uploaded by Red Chunks

The Trianta continues – and more Lovecraftian Elder Gods!

aka “The Charnel God”,
“The Great Ghoul,”
“Lord of Zul-Bha-Sair”

Described as a great shape shifting cloud of shadow, I decided to add a bit more visual detail than just pure blackness emerging from a crypt.. I’m honestly ambivalent about the red lifeforce; but it’s done.

Great Old Ones – Aphoom-Zhah

Another one for the Trianta – this time the more elemental Aphoom-Zhah, aka “The Cold Flame” or “Lord of the Pole”. I went for the long dark of the Arctic night to really let him stand out… He’s described as being a vast grey flame, though for something casting light, it’s not possible to stay grey & translucent on a blue background (sure I could’ve done this in black and white but I find that color images get more views)

Bit of a faster image too, as I didn’t have to shade or highlight corpulent flesh this time around.

Great Old Ones – Chaugnar Faugn

For the Trianta (30 days, 30 sketches), I decided to go with a Lovecraftian theme – in which I take the names and rough description of the dark and terrible Elder Gods from beyond the stars, and do ’em.

Chaugnar Faugn
aka “The Feeder”
“A bipedal elephant with a mouth on the end of its trunk.”