Zombie-portrait 2009

My nearly-annual ritual of making a horrific zombie portrait of myself. Started with a photo of myself grimacing into the camera, and just went from there. It should be of some concern that I didn’t need to look at any photo reference for the skull/tissues (my face is kind of bony anyways) – just the blood spatters.

The blood spatters took several tries to get right, that’s for certain! I meant to get this done in time for the annual Zombie Walk day on August 15th, but it was a bigger task than originally estimated.

I’m seriously considering doing zombie-portraits for my friends who are also big fans of the shambling (or running) undead hordes.

You have been warned.

As usual, click on the image for the grisly close-up.

Click for Larger

Zombie-portrait 2009 (raw), originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

5 responses to “Zombie-portrait 2009

  1. It’s beautiful, albeit a profoundly disturbing kind of beautiful. Mission accomplished!

    Do you take commissions, I could do with a hi-res zombie portrait of myself. Of course, with my pale complexion and dark eyes, I’m part way there all ready!

    • Hah, I was thinking it’d be fun to do zombie-atures of other people if they requested – I hadn’t figured what the comission would be, so I would figure something cheap, unless they wanted really advanced/complicated decay.
      Being part wraith will only make my job easier.

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