Ridiculous Brofist 01

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Ridiculous Brofist 01, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

Finally done the inaugural Ridiculous Brofist comic…. The production value on this one is a lot higher than I originally intended, but what the hell, it was fun. And stupidly ridiculous. Which is the entire point of the series.


3 responses to “Ridiculous Brofist 01

  1. Any fistpound that results in the death of more than one individual is epic and awesome and I approve.

  2. Twenty Mike Mike, you are a genius! Plus the clouds in the 4th panel are really beautiful. You should animate this, it’d make a good 3 minute film, with lots of wide shots of The Orbital Fist falling through clouds, with nothing but the sound of the wind and maybe some haunting music (I was thinking ‘With Sympathy’ from the Gears of War 2 OST, where Dom finally finds Maria – powerful stuff. I am man! Hear me emote!)

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