Work in progress: More colors

Work in progress: More colors, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

Another productive weekend day… I had to call it quits a bit sooner as my shoulder was complaining a bit, and I wanted to get up earlier for work tomorrow… Just about all the colors are blocked in/based in now, though I’m not terribly happy with how the paint adhered on the inscribing hand… A red+back wash on the ribs helped push it further into the background, which is something I’ll do again towards the end. Kind of lost a bit of where I was in all the ribs.

Note to self – do not use a 2H pencil for lines. Christ that was hard to cover up!


Painting WIP: Linework And Background

Painting progress update… You can see both the linework stage and the first pass on the background “stage” – I’m following the methodology I’ve seen in other amazing artists’ work, like Nomi Chi (who also tattoo’d my shoulder)

I might add a bit more ‘darkness’ or at least touch up the transition in the left side, as well as make a sharper rise in brightness of the glow around the heart. It’ll be tricky and require photoreference, but that heart will look like it’s got a molten/superhot core.

Work In Progres: Linework, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

Yes I’m aware at how … gothy? Metal? The subject is, but what the hell – this is for my enjoyment!

Work In Progres: Background, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

Painting WIP: Thumbnails

Work In Progress: Thumbnails, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

An update on the painting project I mentioned in the post before this one… Thumbnail stage is ‘over’ – I’m pretty happy with the one in the middle in red, although I might pull back a little, as this is a fairly sizable canvas it’s going on, so it might be a little IN YOUR FACE for the painting. Physically huge faces make some people feel awkward. But then again, isn’t getting an emotional response out of viewers a goal? 🙂 I’ll blob out some color ideas which’ll help with the actual paint mixing/washes stage…

Update: Acrylic painting underway…

Hey all, thanks again for visiting and clicking – I blew past 300 visits, which to me is a nice welcome surprise! Though judging from the majority of my traffic’s searches, people are really keen on ‘Harley Quinn Dark Knight’.

Anyways – back to the subject – I’m going ‘dark’ for a little while (har har) to try and finish an acrylic painting in two weeks. Right now I have a pretty good mental image of what I’ll do, and then I’ll do some sketches before I start blocking it in on the canvas. It’s been a long time since I’ve painted in real-media, but I’m motivated by a couple good friends’ faith. I’ll post photos of the work-in-progress when I can, so keep watching this space.

Self Emotes

Self Emotes, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

Just a bit of fun sketching/fiddling with the caricature of myself – this time through different emotes; from neutral, “LOL”, sinister chuckling, and, well, pure lovecraftian evil posession. What can I say? Yes I prefer to draw myself with a scowl – it looks odd when I draw ’em with less harsh brows! Like it’s not me anymore!

Done in photoshop.

Doctor Orpheus!

Doctor Orpheus, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

Did a bit of a more-than-elaborate sketch of probably my most favorite character from the awesome Venture Brothers animated series, the necromancer Doctor Orpheus. I was doing a cleaned up version of the sketch lines, but I was killing the sketch, so I turned the rough lines back on and rushed the background (hence the ‘halos’ in his hair.) Eh, it looked better in my head before I started actually sketching it.
Media: Photoshop, and the dark arts.