The Black Rider

The Black Rider, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

(Click for the bigger version, as always)
Having a bit of fun painting up an ‘action shot’ of myself snowboarding. Obviously the scythe blade is completely fictional, but it is a little appropiate for the amount of fear I seem to strike in a few of the skiers on the slopes. (The jacket and the rest of the outfit ARE real, as well as the snowboard’s skulls on the bottom – my ride is a Burton Deuce 159; I love it.)

Media: Photoshop


4 responses to “The Black Rider

  1. HEY! You told me this was turning out lame.

    This isn’t lame!

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I don’t like being lied to Mr. Chunks.

    Not one bit. LOL

    • Hey, I did say I figured out the pose problem afterwards, didn’t I? If it stayed lame I would’ve gotten the double-barreled shotgun out, led the picture to behind the shed and blown the mother away. 🙂

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