Old and New self-face-atures…

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn myself in my ‘toony style’, and I like to make a laugh with my funny drawings…  Problem was that my old stand-in didn’t look like me anymore, as I’ve gotten rid of a goatee and I wear contacts instead of glasses.  So after several tries and a couple webcam photos for reference, I hit one that will ‘do’ for now.  Not as grossly simplified as my old ones, but my face is thinner now so it kind of requires the extra lines now.  Ah well!

And for further laughs, this is the most recent image I could find of my previous ‘face’ toon – assaulting a Grizzly Bear; it’s a national pastime of all swarthy & demented canucks everywhere, really! This was done back in April 28th 2007 – geez, I really didn’t draw myself much, apparently.

As usual you can click through to the Flickr photostream and see this bigger.


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