Venture Brothers “Villain Idea”

Venture Brothers "Villain Idea", originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

Just a funny idea kicking around in my head, inspired by the awesome Venture Brothers show, which just has a galaxy of hilariously lame “super” villains… Basically a fear-based villain, except all he can manage to muster is a vague disquiet in his victims, maybe even creep them out out a bit. He really wishes he could instill blind terror, but he hasn’t figured out the trigger to his power yet.

And yes, it’d be an emo goth that would go down this route.

Media: scribbled in Photoshop.


2 responses to “Venture Brothers “Villain Idea”

  1. Heh, I tend to draw ‘gawthy’ types as mopey sullen types, which almost makes it necessary to slouch & droop their whole characters as much as possible. 🙂

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