Reaper head explorations

Click for bigger version.
Click for larger version

Exploring designs for a ‘character’ (if you can call a mechanical personification of Death a character) – I used to have his head very mechanical/symbol, but it was too simple.  It’d be creepier if it was more akin to an actual organic skull, which would tie in better with his asymmetrical form and somewhat insectoid armor plating (not pictured here).

And yeah… he’s a giant able to wear still-living humans threaded onto cables around his neck.  The Reaper ends worlds after all.


2 responses to “Reaper head explorations

  1. Heh, of course I went for the dark theme… There was another one that caught my eye, but the orange text dominating it was rather distinctly Halloween-flavored. While I love Halloween, it’s just not a year-round thing. Yet. 😉

    Thanks for droppin’ by! 😀

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