Ironing out the creaks and the leaks…

Just a minor text-only update here – it’s been a pretty successful week-and-a-half since the launch of my sketchblog, but as with all new exploratory endeavours, there’s been lessons learned.  So!  To make it much easier for visitors to get a closer look at my pictures, I’m now linking the images directly to their larger sizes on Flickr, instead of relying people to try and find the tiny “All Sizes” button on the Flickr site.  Less clicking for my (few) visitors!  So with that update, I’ve already gone back through my previous posts and repointed the images to the “biggah version”.

Thanks for re-visiting my site!  All 3 of you.  🙂


The Black Rider

The Black Rider, originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

(Click for the bigger version, as always)
Having a bit of fun painting up an ‘action shot’ of myself snowboarding. Obviously the scythe blade is completely fictional, but it is a little appropiate for the amount of fear I seem to strike in a few of the skiers on the slopes. (The jacket and the rest of the outfit ARE real, as well as the snowboard’s skulls on the bottom – my ride is a Burton Deuce 159; I love it.)

Media: Photoshop

Old and New self-face-atures…

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn myself in my ‘toony style’, and I like to make a laugh with my funny drawings…  Problem was that my old stand-in didn’t look like me anymore, as I’ve gotten rid of a goatee and I wear contacts instead of glasses.  So after several tries and a couple webcam photos for reference, I hit one that will ‘do’ for now.  Not as grossly simplified as my old ones, but my face is thinner now so it kind of requires the extra lines now.  Ah well!

And for further laughs, this is the most recent image I could find of my previous ‘face’ toon – assaulting a Grizzly Bear; it’s a national pastime of all swarthy & demented canucks everywhere, really! This was done back in April 28th 2007 – geez, I really didn’t draw myself much, apparently.

As usual you can click through to the Flickr photostream and see this bigger.

Venture Brothers “Villain Idea”

Venture Brothers "Villain Idea", originally uploaded by Red Chunks.

Just a funny idea kicking around in my head, inspired by the awesome Venture Brothers show, which just has a galaxy of hilariously lame “super” villains… Basically a fear-based villain, except all he can manage to muster is a vague disquiet in his victims, maybe even creep them out out a bit. He really wishes he could instill blind terror, but he hasn’t figured out the trigger to his power yet.

And yes, it’d be an emo goth that would go down this route.

Media: scribbled in Photoshop.

Dark Knight version of Harley Quinn

An older speed-painting of mine, done in Photoshop…

There was a lot of back and forth discussion with my friend about how other Batman villains would look in the “Nolan-verse” as seen in the Dark Knight, and Harley Quinn came up. I immediately pictured her as well… this. A Pain junkie, to put it lightly – you’d have to be one if you were the Joker’s “girlfriend.”

Thought for the day: Think she still has a face under that mask?